The Social Entrepreneur Marc Kielburger

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The Social Entrepreneur Marc Kielburger is one of the most inspiring people in the world today. He has a unique combination of business acumen and humanitarianism, and has been involved with humanitarian work for over two decades. From meeting Nelson Mandela to sharing meals with slum children and war-torn families, he has seen that anyone can make a difference. However, it takes courage to reach out to help those in need, and the Social Enterprise book offers practical tips and strategies for anyone to get started.

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While growing up, Marc Kielburger saw a need for a better world. He founded a company called ME to WE, which provides environmentally friendly clothes and leadership training programs to young people worldwide. In addition to clothing, ME to WE also provides leadership training programs and books on social change. The Social Entrepreneur Marc Kielburger has gone on to expand his group of organizations to more than four million students around the world, and his vision continues to inspire others.

In addition to running an international charity organization, Marc Kielburger is a motivational speaker. He co-founded the WE charity to lift one million people out of poverty in developing nations. The organization has expanded into more than 100 countries and includes ME to WE schools, which teach service learning programs to 18,000 students, and WE Day, which brings 3.5 million young change-makers together to make a positive impact. He also has a number of other social enterprises.