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Out Door Music Videos – A Review of Three Great Out Door Songs From the 1980s

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The phrase Out Door Music can be used to refer to any genre of music, though most commonly it refers to folk/rock anthems and can also be used to describe country music. It is often said that Out Door Music is all about the environment. Indeed, most songs and music are about outdoor adventures and people who like to listen to music outdoors enjoy this genre. A good example of an Out Door song would be We Are the Champions by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Another great Out Door song is No Woman Knows My Name by Eric Clapton. This song is on the first album, Just a Little Home. The words are, “no woman knows my name / no woman likes me.” The album title is related to the song, as is the story behind it. This is an excellent Out Door song because of the simplistic lyrics and Clapton’s lovely voice. There are probably few artists whose voice is as nice as Eric Clapton’s and few who have his unique style and musical taste.

One song from the mid 1980’s that has made an excellent Out Door record is We’ve Grown Together. This Outdoors single was also recorded and released as a studio album. This track reached number one on the British charts and quickly went to number two. One reason why this song has remained popular for so long is that it features a wonderful Out Door video. In fact, the video for this Out Door hit single was so well received that the band were not going to release it themselves as they were signing with Birtons CD/DVD group Birtons and were instead going to be exclusive to them.

A song that should definitely be in any lover’s list of top songs would be Don’t Take Me Out, by The O’Jays. This Out Door song just makes me happy. The acoustic version of the song is amazing and has a great acoustic guitar solo. The video though is not my favorite out of all their videos. The one in particular involves them filming a spot for a reality TV show where they had to pretend to shop at a mall. For some reason I think the guys look like they’re trying to pass out candy at some point in the video, but they actually do not.

While we’re talking about Out Door hits, another great one would be Jump Around Again by Outdoors. The song is about two guys who get lost in a hot dog cart and end up having to jump out of it and find themselves on the side of the road. The Out Door version has the guy sitting under the hot dog cart with a bottle of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The rough mix adds a little something to the song as well. It has a bottle of beer being smashed and then splashed against the radio on top of the model of a car, which creates quite a sound.

This is my personal favorite Out Door music video. The song is about two friends who are riding along in a car when the radio starts blaring the Back Door music from Outdoors. It’s a hilarious moment that is perfect for any occasion. If you have friends that love this song, throw them a copy of it and let them hear what the original Out Door guys are doing. I’m sure they’ll love it!