Metal Beds and Form Boss – Perfect Garden Beds for Curb Appeal and Wildlife Protection

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If you have decided that now is the time to give your garden some extra character and add a touch of modernity to it, then why not consider metal garden edging. FormBoss – metal garden edging is ideal for increasing the level of privacy, adding a border to delineate space or for creating a border without the need for expensive materials and labor. It is extremely durable and strong, yet flexible enough to allow you to make any shape imaginable before installation! In addition to their ever-changing range of Cor-ten series, Form Boss has also developed their Cor-Ten series of stainless steel, offering the same strength, durability and wide range of features as its aluminium and zinc counterparts. Form Boss offers a complete range of metal garden edging, including cor-ten, mesh and vinyl.

Metal Landscape Edging For Beautiful Curb Appeal

Form Boss metal garden edging can be used on just about any smooth and flat surface, including wood, pebbles, bricks and gravel – and are especially popular on retaining walls (although they can also be used on fences and walls, as they are quite tough!). Their unique Cor-Ten series allows them to be produced with straight, wavy, curly or irregular edges to best suit the application needs of the customer. Their straight, curved, sinuous or irregular edges all have a similar feature – they will all create a clean edge when installed. They are made from the finest grade of corrosion-resistant metal and as such, will withstand high levels of salt spray and corrosive water, ensuring that your garden remains completely protected and moisture-free. Form Boss designs are available in many different configurations, including:

No garden bed is complete without the definition of borders or a form of garden bed edging system. As a leading manufacturer of metal garden edging systems, Cor-Ten offers a wide range of unique and practical options for creating straight lines, curved lines, diagonal lines, smooth curves, textured edges and numerous other shapes and configurations. All of their products are manufactured by laser cuttings and incorporate both hot and cold work techniques so that they are extremely quick to install. Form Boss offers a full range of unique and practical garden edging system options that will not only add great value to your home, but will also provide years of hassle-free protection from unwelcome invaders and animals.