How Often Should Commercial Carpet Cleaning Be Done?

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Whether your commercial facility is a restaurant, hotel, office or venue, the indoor carpeting is what sets the tone for guests and employees. But constant foot traffic can lead to unsightly stains, odors and overall wear and tear. Regular professional cleaning and routine maintenance helps your carpets look great and stay in good condition.

Does carpet cleaner remove dust?

Vacuum daily – Daily vacuuming helps keep mud, dirt and debris from becoming embedded in the carpet fibers. Addressing spills and stains immediately is also important to prevent them from bonding with the carpet and becoming permanently embedded.

Use a commercial steam cleaner – Steam cleaning is a highly effective way to remove deep-down grime and stains from commercial carpets. It involves spraying a chemical solution onto the carpet followed by an extraction process with hot water. Once the majority of the moisture has been removed, post-treatment chemicals like protectors can be applied to the carpet to help it remain cleaner for longer. URL :

Schedule a professional cleaning once or twice a year – Regular commercial carpet cleanings can help your business maintain a clean, inviting and healthy atmosphere for guests and employees. Having professionally cleaned carpets reduces the number of allergens, bacteria and dust particles that can get trapped in the fibers of your commercial carpet.

The type and color of your carpet, the nap and pile density as well as the amount of foot traffic will all influence how often you should have it cleaned. For example, an office building that has heavy foot traffic may need to have the carpets cleaned more frequently than a school or church.