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Great Recipes From Out Door Cooking Tours

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It is estimated that approximately 5 million people in the United States enjoy outdoor activities on a regular basis. The vast majority of these folks are constantly on the lookout for great and new restaurants, diners and other attractions within easy reach of their location. For many of them, the process of searching for the ideal Out Door venue often involves a trip to the local Out Door Magazine Bookstore. This is where they can find a wealth of information on local events, guides to destination activities, and a multitude of informative articles on local restaurants, diners and other establishments. Unfortunately, many of these publications do not carry a comprehensive line-up of local businesses, so it may take a little hunting down to find a fantastic dining experience. Here, I will give some suggestions for destinations you should consider for your next outdoor adventure.

The first place that comes to mind when one considers a place to eat outdoors is a South bound sauvegarde. Many of the best restaurants in the world have an Out Door Magazine restaurant on their menus, and for good reason. Savy French cuisine is just one thing, but French bistro restaurants, casual patio dining, and cool jazz clubs are all offered by the best magazines. If you happen to live near an Out Door Magazine book store, it is in your best interest to check out the book section, which contains not only a myriad of recipes but also in-depth feature stories on various restaurants and diners. Searching for these publications will often yield excellent results if you know what you are looking for.

Another great Out Door Magazine option is a regional magazine based entirely in the United States. One of the most popular magazines in this genre is Southern California. Although a reader might not think of sushi when they first think about this brand of Out Door Magazine, if they are a sushi lover, they will be surprised. If you are looking for a great feature story on California sushi, you should definitely look to check out the “Sushi of the Month” section. Every month the magazine offers a new and creative restaurant in the San Diego area that showcases the best sushi making in town. Check out the “Best of the Month” section for some gems and some obscure joints that serve up a meal fit for a king.

For those who prefer southern Californian soul food, another magazine worth checking out is Soul Food Music. The latest issue features the best restaurants in town, as well as a special recipe of the month. Check out the “hot dog of the month” as well as the “sour soup of the month.” Both are a perfect example of Southern Californian culinary brilliance.

A great new Out Door Magazine option is Jazz Fest. This magazine, which is published quarterly, features music and events from around the country. Check out the “Jazz Fest California” and “Jazz Fest Texas” issues to get an idea of what’s happening this summer.

Food for thought? How about this idea: instead of trying to figure out what food to order at a fancy dinner party, why not order a cart of miniature schnitzel from the local German place down the street? That way you can still eat a wholesome meal while avoiding the traditional large portions of food most people have at fancy dinners. Who says eating healthy has to be difficult?