Email Age Tester and Reliable Email Address Verification

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When it comes to detecting and stopping online fraud, an email’s age is one of the most important factors. An Email Age Tester is an indication of its likelihood of being temporary, which can be a strong indicator of fraudulent activity or spamming. Email age verification tools are able to provide an approximate date of the email’s creation by analyzing the domain and associated information, including WHOIS information.

Whether used in conjunction with other verification services or as a standalone service, email age verification can help ensure the accuracy of your database and help maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. Adding this layer of email validation to your identity and fraud detection workflow can help you identify potentially risky sign-ups or transactions and evade sophisticated fraud techniques at the point of sale (POQ).

Reliable Email Address Verification

An effective and reliable email address verification tool should be able to validate an email address’s legitimacy with a high level of accuracy and consistency. Using an email address validator that can provide a wide range of verification services, such as those offered by Emailage Rapid, will enable you to assess the true identity of an individual across multiple touchpoints, while maintaining a consistent, seamless experience for customers.