Lily Pad Lake Services

Lily Pad Lake Services

Lily Pad Lake Services is a premier provider of barging and general contracting services. Whether you need to move a large truckload of material or furniture, the company can help you. The team of experienced professionals can ensure the safe and timely delivery of your cargo. Contact the company for more information.

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Lily Pad Lake Services can provide the services you need to move your boat to a new location. The location is near several fine wineries, and guests staying in the resort will enjoy elegant accommodations and amenities. Rental homes are non-smoking, but there is no guarantee of allergen-free accommodations. In addition, docking capabilities vary depending on the water level.

Lily Pad Lake is located in the White River National Forest just outside Silverthorn, Colorado. Its name comes from hundreds of lily pads that line the shores of this lake. The area is popular all year round, but summer months are the best time to visit. The lake offers spectacular views of the surrounding alpine ridgelines and fryingpan River drainage.

Lily Pad Lake Services offers general contracting services as well as premium barging services. They are able to transport a wide variety of materials and heavy loads, including furniture and appliances. The company also offers lumber transport.