Year: 2022


Eco-Friendly Bali Eco Stay

A stay at Bali Eco Stay gives you a chance to experience nature in a unique way. This retreat offers you the chance to experience authentic Balinese cuisine and fresh organic food, and you can even get a glimpse of traditional Balinese culture and lifestyle. The eco-friendly bungalows are perched over the water, and the lodge’s onsite organic garden supplies fresh produce for the kitchen. Your meals at the Bali Eco Lodge are as delicious as they are healthy.

Eco-friendly Bali Eco Stay Your Way To Success

bali eco stay

The eco-friendly Bali Eco Stay features sustainable food grown on its own property. The hotel raises free-range chickens, grows organic vegetables and rice without chemical fertilizers, and serves water from its own filtered spring. The resort also works with local farmers to conserve resources and does not use plastic bottles. It has won several awards for its efforts and is a member of the BGreener community. There are many other green practices throughout the hotel, and the staff takes pride in doing their part to protect and promote the environment.

The Eco Stay has eight over-water bungalows. The buildings are beautifully designed, reflecting the natural beauty of the surroundings and paying homage to traditional Indonesian architecture. The construction process began with bamboo, but the lumber was unable to withstand the rainy season, so the Blundstones used local timber. The bungalows are positioned in the middle of the rice paddies so that they don’t disturb the natural landscape.


Lopi Gas Log Fires

Lopi fireplaces are a popular choice for many people. They are energy efficient and provide warmth and elegance to any home. They also have a variety of attractive designs. The company offers several different styles to suit any home decor. Founded in 1922, the company has been producing quality home heating appliances for decades. These high-quality fireplaces come with a wide range of features. Here are some of the key features of each model.

How to Know About Lopi Gas Log Fires

lopi gas log fire

Lopi gas fireplaces are available in a variety of models. Choose from the double-sided Lopi 4415 ST HO GS2 for a large viewing area. Dual blowers can be directed to one or both sides of the fireplace to ensure even heating. This gas log fire is ideal for homes with small spaces, but can also be installed in a room with zero clearance. A Lopi gas log fire is energy efficient and is easy to install.

Another popular model is the Lopi 4415 ST HO GS2. It’s a double-sided linear fireplace with ceramic glass for radiant heat. The dual blowers can be adjusted to either side of the fireplace to create the best temperature for a perfect flame. The Lopi 4415 ST HO GS2 features a huge viewing area and a seating capacity of up to 185sqm. The Lopi 4415 ST HO can be installed with zero clearance to avoid any obstructions.